A quick note about word games. Unless otherwise noted in the rules for a specific game or all players playing the game agree on a different set of rules, the following two rules apply to all word games for the Alpha Word Game System. (Now I don't have to keep adding these rules every time I create a game for Alpha).

Acceptable Words: Any word that is not a proper noun, hyphenated, an abbreviation or a foreign language word. If the word requires a hyphen or an apostrophe it cannot be played. If the word is always spelled with a capital letter it cannot be played. As far as foreign language words go, some are acceptable if they have been used enough to become part of the English language and can be found in an English language dictionary. Players should agree on a dictionary or word reference before playing. How strict or liberal you are with this rule depends on you and your opponents.

Challenges: Any player may challenge a word. If a word is found to be illegal then the tiles, cards and/or dice in that word are returned to where they came from and the player that played the word loses that turn. If the word is found to be legal then the player that made the challenge loses his next turn. I really like this rule for two it makes it fun to try and pass bogus words while playing games (since someone has to call you out on a word), and two, it stops those players that constantly challenge every word that hits the table (get a grip, write it down and look it up later)..

And now onto the games. Here is the current list of games that can be played with the Alpha Word Game System. Click on the game name for more information about the game and to download the rules.

6x6TimSchutz1A word solitaire game played in a 6x6 grid.AlphaPlayingCards or AlphaTiles
AlphaFarkle?RonHaleEvans2-6Farkle (aka 5000,10000, Cosmic Wimpout, etc.) as a word gameAlphaDice
AlphaGramsTimSchutz2-5Alpha adaptation of the parlor game AnagramsAlphaPlayingCards or AlphaTiles
AlphaRummy 500TimSchutz2-4The classic card game Rummy 500 with wordsAlphaPlayingCards
AlphaWarTimSchutz2The classic card game War as a word game (a very easy word game)AlphaPlayingCards
AlphaYacht?RonHaleEvans2-6Word Yahtzee using Alpha (Word Yahtzee is a port of Yacht or Yahtzee).AlphaDice
AlphabetBangTimSchutz2-3A fast paced letter recognition game where you need to be quick. Great for kids.AlphaPlayingCards
ConsonantsRonHaleEvans3-6Classic card game Hearts made into a word game.AlphaPlayingCards
LettersFromLairs?RonHaleEvans3-10Liars Dice made into a word game.AlphaDice
LostForWordsTomScutt?2The card game Lost Cities made into a word game.AlphaPlayingCards
makeAwordTimSchutz1-6A very simple word game for kids.AlphaPlayingCards
NewWordTimSchutz2-6Make a new word using your cards and your opponent's word.AlphaPlayingCards
ReservesMartyHaleEvans?1A word solitaire game with a unique flavor.AlphaPlayingCards
TakeTwoTimSchutz2-6Be the first to get rid of your cards. A non-word game.AlphaPlayingCards
ThreeBeTweenTimSchutz2-6A push your luck game of chance. A non-word game.AlphaPlayingCards
WarOfWordsTomScutt?2Schotten-Totten (aka Battle Line) made into a word game.AlphaPlayingCards
WordPokerTimSchutz2-6The classic game of Poker made into a word game.AlphaPlayingCards
WordSnakeTimSchutz2-5Fun, fast paced simultaneous play word game.AlphaTiles or AlphaPlayingCards
WordSolitaireTimSchutz1The first solitaire game for AlphaAlphaPlayingCards