Original games designed specifically for the Alpha word game system.

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6x6TimSchutz1Solitaire game in 6x6 gridAlphaPlayingCards
AlphabetBangTimSchutz2-3Fast-paced letter-recognition game for younger playersAlphaPlayingCards
makeAwordTimSchutz1-6Very simple word game for little kidsAlphaPlayingCards
NewWordTimSchutz2-6Make a new word using your cards and your opponent's wordAlphaPlayingCards
ReservesMartyHaleEvans?1Solitaire game with a unique flavorAlphaPlayingCards
TakeTwoTimSchutz2-6Be the first to get rid of your cards and win (if only it were that easy)AlphaPlayingCards
ThreeBeTweenTimSchutz2-6Push-your-luck gameAlphaPlayingCards
WordSnakeTimSchutz2-5Fun, fast-paced game with simultaneous playAlphaTiles (preferred) or AlphaPlayingCards
WordSolitaireTimSchutz1Solitaire game with three levels of playAlphaPlayingCards